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How to enhance anti-fragility in organizations

Caring organizations are characterized by cultivating a culture in which people can work and develop professionally while feeling physically and psychologically secure. The short-term success of the organization does not depend on sacrificing this long-term security. Of course, in caring organizations there are tensions, conflicts of interest, dilemmas and moments of anxiety or sadness. The key difference is whether they are managed in such a way that they are productive and regenerative, and do not become a source of chronic or serious discomfort for people.

Caring for people manifests itself in two ways, and…

Note: this story has also been published on LinkedIn, where Gary Hamel’s co-author Michele Zanini has responded and clarified key aspects of Humanocracy in the comments. I recommend reading those comments to know better the intended message of the book.

In 2003 the USA, with the help of a modest coalition, invaded Iraq and started an armed conflict. It cost $2 trillion in the most conservative estimation, lasted a decade with a known aftermath of thousands of deaths, the rise of the Islamic State as the successor of al-Qaeda, millions of displaced civilians and a humanitarian crisis, infamous images of…

More on remote work by Sergio Salgado, my colleague at Pantheon Work.

If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be ‘meetings’”.

We usually start our training on efficient meetings at PantheonWork with this provocative sentence by Dave Barry. “Meetings are places where dead ideas rise from their graves and eat the brains of the living.”… we quote next. …

By: Sergio Salgado & Antonio Blanco-Gracia ( PantheonWork)

Those of you who, like us, are working or simply interested in issues related to the culture of organizations, will also be paying attention these days to this topic derived from the one topic that takes up everything: country after country, the coronavirus crisis has been forcing for a month and a half the biggest remote work experiment we have ever seen. In fact, it is very likely that you are participating in this experiment. And many people are doing it for the first time.

We who write this have been working…

Ruben’s “The Judgement of Solomon”

It is written in the back cover of his latest book “Skin in the Game” (SITG): Nicholas Taleb is the kind of asshole that you need to read.

The main thesis of the book is quite simple. In Taleb’s own words:

“What is Skin in the Game? The phrase is often mistaken for one-sided incentives: the promise of a bonus will make someone work harder for you. …

As I anticipated in the first post, I think that “Ours to Hack and to Own” is the best book out there to understand the emerging field of Platform Coops, and yet, I missed some important issues. Maybe this is precisely the virtue of the book: it reflects both the advancements and the weaknesses of this recent and growing movement.

The first problem I encounter is pervasive in all the writing out there on the sharing/collaborative economy and p2p theory: the lack of a clear and operational definition of what a peer is and what a community is. …

The book “Ours to Hack and to Own: the rise of platform cooperativism, a new vision for the future of work and fairer Internet” edited by Trebor Scholz and Nathan Schneider came off the presses a few months ago. It is an impressive collection of forty short and well written pieces that wisely cover forty relevant issues of the promising encounter of Internet platforms and cooperativism. You have to add to this the firsthand testimonial descriptions of twenty-five initiatives based on cooperative platforms, in different fields and stages of development. If this subject resonates with your intellectual curiosity or you…

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Researching organizational theory useful for p2p organizations.

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